What’s New?

Coronavirus Update:
All Start Locations are open during the pandemic.  Masks are required to enter the store.  Light Rail is continuing operations, and riders are required to wear masks and social distance when on board.  For information on Sound Transit coronavirus protocols, go online to SoundTransit.org.

Where to Send Completed Books:
Jane Clark
5700 6th Ave. S., #206
Seattle, WA  98108

Light Rail Challenge – Hall of Fame
Congratulations to all participants who have completed the Light Rail Challenge!
See the list, starting with the most recent Hall of Fame inductees:

April, 2021
Sue Payton

January, 2021
Chase Davis
Daryl Troyer
Diane Troyer

December, 2020
Becky McCommack
Mike Nagan
Warren Yee

November, 2020
Ida Hawkins
Sandy Hiles

September, 2020
Linda Pugmire
Katie Sell
Gayle Senger
James Senger

August, 2020
Amy Jo Pearsall

March, 2020
Sheila Morrison

January, 2020
Allan Boyce
Sally Boyce

December, 2019
Sherry Ogur
Donna Parks
Diane Wagner
Tom Wells
Don Whitt

November, 2019
Elizabeth Schmidt
Gary Stoneback
Linda Stoneback

October, 2019
Carolyn Warhol
Sue-Lon Webert
Nancy Wittenberg

September, 2019
Sandy Severtsen
Neil Smith
Michele Upchurch

August, 2019
Bobbi Barkley
Cathy Greutert
Nancy Melius

July, 2019
These two are tied for being first to complete their Challenge book – both on July 4th!
Dorothy Blackmun
Sharon Moats