What’s New?

Upcoming Traditional Events that Qualify for the Challenge:

Saturday, June 24, 2023:  Explore Mountlake Terrace

The walk will pass new City Hall and continue to Ballinger Park – a retired Golf Course, now a walking park.  The Lakeview Trail will return past new Mountlake Terrace Link Train station, and continue through Mountlake Terrace to Terrace Creek Trail.  Ballinger Park is the newest walking park in Snohomish County, and the Lakeview Trail is next to Ballinger Park providing easy walk route to Ballinger Park.  The Terrace Creek Trail is a quiet neighborhood park through a valley that finishes the 10k.  The 5k route is on Mountlake Terrace sidewalks to City Hall and returns to finish.  The 10K route is rated 2B for moderate inclines, the 5K route is rated 1A for relatively flat terrain.

Saturday, June 24, 2023
9:00 a.m. -10:30 a.m.

Mountlake Terrace Recreation Pavilion
5303 228th SW, Mountlake Terrace, WA.
Please park on street.

Driving Directions:
I-5 exit 179 220th SW (northbound Right, southbound Left).  Turn Right 56th Ave. W, then turn Left 228th SW.  Start location on 53rd Ave W and 228th SW.

Restrooms at the start and Ballinger Park.  Free parking on the streets.  Small parking lot at Mountlake Terrace Pavilion should only be used for visitors to the pavilion.

Also, our Fourth of July Traditional event will qualify for the Challenge.  Click here for information.

Additional Book Sales:
Because we continue to receive requests to purchase Challenge Books, we’re doing a limited run of books for those who missed purchasing one when the Challenge first opened (or for those who would like to do the Challenge again!).  Starting January 2023, we’re offering a limited number of books available for purchase.  If interested, send your check for $10, made payable to Emerald City Wanderers, to the address below.  Please include your name, return address (so that we can mail your book to you), and an email contact (in case we have a question when we receive your order).  Thank you for your continued interest and support!

Send your completed book (or your payment to purchase a new book) to:
Jane Clark
5700 6th Ave. S., #206
Seattle, WA  98108

Additional Walks that Qualify:
We learned there are two additional YRE walks which meet the criteria to qualify for the Challenge, because the routes pass by a future Light Rail Station.  These are at Stations which are currently under construction, slated to open when the new East Link and Federal Way Link Extension lines are finished.  Thanks to our friends at Interlaken Trailblazers Volkssport Club for their walk route on Mercer Island and our friends in the Over-the-Hill-Gang Volkssport Club for their walk route in Federal Way.

Light Rail Challenge – Hall of Fame
Congratulations to all participants who have completed the Light Rail Challenge!
Here’s the list, starting with the most recent Hall of Fame inductees:

September, 2022
Gale Waibel
Klaus Waibel
Honorable mention to these two for completing the Challenge in record time – just one week from start to finish!

May, 2022
Julie Heath

April, 2022
Pam Davis

January, 2022
Denise Kerwin

November, 2021
Tom Wells (his second time!)

October, 2021
Alecia McClure

July, 2021
Dave Madsen

April, 2021
Sue Payton
Michelle Roberts

January, 2021
Chase Davis
Daryl Troyer
Diane Troyer

December, 2020
Becky McCommack
Mike Nagan
Warren Yee

November, 2020
Ida Hawkins
Sandy Hiles

September, 2020
Linda Pugmire
Katie Sell
Gayle Senger
James Senger

August, 2020
Amy Jo Pearsall

March, 2020
Sheila Morrison

January, 2020
Allan Boyce
Sally Boyce

December, 2019
Sherry Ogur
Donna Parks
Diane Wagner
Tom Wells
Don Whitt

November, 2019
Elizabeth Schmidt
Gary Stoneback
Linda Stoneback

October, 2019
Carolyn Warhol
Sue-Lon Webert
Nancy Wittenberg

September, 2019
Sandy Severtsen
Neil Smith
Michele Upchurch

August, 2019
Bobbi Barkley
Cathy Greutert
Nancy Melius

July, 2019
These two are tied for being first to complete their Challenge book – both on July 4th!
Dorothy Blackmun
Sharon Moats