About the Challenge

Our club, the Emerald City Wanderers, is sponsoring the Light Rail Challenge to encourage walkers to try out the new Light Rail Walk Series.  The vision is for participants to experience many (or all ! ) of the Light Rail Stations, and discover the communities and neighborhoods along the Light Rail line.  Participants who fulfill the Challenge criteria are eligible to earn a colorful embroidered patch (sketch pictured below), designed by Dorman Batson, commemorating achievement of the Challenge.

Challenge Criteria:  Challenge participants shall purchase a Challenge Book, and complete a minimum of 12 different qualified walks (see below), and record them in their Challenge Book.  Participants shall register and pay event credit fee for each completed walk.  For a walk event to qualify, the route shall start or finish at a Light Rail Station, or shall walk by the entrance to a Light Rail Station, or shall walk alongside or cross the Light Rail tracks, or any combination thereof.  All the walks on the list below are qualified, and some upcoming Traditional Events may qualify over the course of the Challenge – watch the “What’s New” tab on this site for information.  For descriptions of the qualified Year-Round Events, go to the “Light Rail Walk Series” tab on this site.  Walkers may choose any length of route, when varying options are available.  Clubs are encouraged to create new walks for the Light Rail Challenge.  Interested clubs can contact Emerald City Wanderers for their events to be added to the list.

Current List of Qualified Year-Round Events:

  • University of Washington – Y0351
  • Ghost Walk (Capitol Hill Station) – Y0814
  • Downtown / Waterfront (International District Station) – Y0011
  • SoDo Station – Y2413
  • Beacon Hill Station – Y2415
  • Columbia City Station – Y2414
  • Othello Station – Y2467
  • Rainier Beach Station – Y2466
  • Tukwila Station – Y2416 (goes north to Highline Garden)
  • McMicken Heights (also starts at Tukwila Station, goes south) – Y2652
  • Angle Lake Station – Y2394
  • Des Moines Creek Trail (also starts at Angle Lake Station) – Y2394

List of Past Qualified Traditional Events:

  • Celebrate 10 Years of LINK Light Rail in Seattle – held April 13 & 14, 2019
  • Light Rail – Capitol Hill to International District – held April 13 & 14, 2019
  • Fourth of July – held July 4, 2019
  • Labor Day Walk through Downtown – held August 31, 2019
  • Leap Day Walk – held February 29, 2020
  • Easter Walk (10K route only) – held April 3, 2021

Challenge Books:  Participants shall purchase the Light Rail Challenge Book for recording their completed qualified walks.  Upon completion of the Challenge, send completed books to:

Jane Clark
5700 6th Ave. S., #206
Seattle, WA  98108

Books will be checked per the criteria, and returned to participants along with the patch.

Timeline for the Challenge:  Book sales began on January 1, 2019, and have now sold out.  We have a patch reserved for all participants who purchased a Challenge Book, and will continue to distribute them until all participants have achieved the Challenge, for as long as the walks in the Light Rail Walk Series continue to be sanctioned.  As of January, 2021, all walks in the Light Rail Series have been sanctioned again for 2021.

Watch the “What’s New” tab on this site, as the successful participants will be posted in the “Light Rail Hall of Fame”!