Beacon Hill Station

Try any of four walk options.  The 5K and 11K routes explore the north end of Beacon Hill and offer several grand-stand views.  The 11K route, rated 2A for stairs, continues on to the Mount Baker neighborhood with many beautiful turn-of-the-century homes, and a stroll along the shore of Lake Washington.  The 11K route finishes at the Mount Baker Light Rail Station, for a ride back to the Start Location on Light Rail.  The 5K route, rated 1A, stays atop Beacon Hill and returns to the Start Location without riding Light Rail.

The 6K and 9K routes head south on Beacon Hill, on easy-going 1A terrain.  The 6K route walks down the Chief Sealth Trail to finish at Othello Light Rail Station, while the 9K route continues along the ridge, then through a greenbelt, to finish at Rainier Beach Light Rail Station.  Both the 6K and 9K routes return to the Start Point with a ride back on Light Rail.

To download a pdf with tips on riding Light Rail, click  here.

Distance & Trail Rating:  5K, 6K, 9K and 11K.  Ratings: 1A (5K, 6K, 9K) and 2A (11K).

Online Start Box: Registration is available on the Online Start Box.  For registration information, go to, or try this link.  Once you’ve registered online, the walk directions and map will be available for you to download.  Or you may register at the Physical Start Box, as described below:

Start Location:  Hilltop Red Apple Grocery.  2701 Beacon Ave. S., Seattle, WA  98144.  Start Box is gray plastic folder – kindly ask for it at Service Desk, on right as you enter store.

Start Location Hours:  Service counter for start box is open 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., daily (store hours 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.).  Walk hours dawn to dusk.

Amenities:  Restrooms: yes  |  Pets:  no  |  Strollers: no  |  Wheelchairs: no

Comments:   No restroom at Start Location, but restrooms are available in a park at about 2K after the start, along with other options on the route.  All routes except for the 5K will finish at a different Light Rail Station, requiring purchase of fare to ride on Light Rail back to the Start Location.  The 5K route returns to the Start without purchase of any fare.  Pets are not allowed on Light Rail.  See comment below about parking.

AVA Special Programs:  Mayflower – 400th Anniversary.  Walking with America’s Veterans (6K, 9K).  Par for the Course.  Step to the Beat.

ESVA Special Programs:  Whiskey-Vino-Brew (6K, 9K – Brew).  Frontline Heroes (all routes –  Essential Services, Delivery Services, Medical Facilities, Sustenance Providers)

Walk to Start from Beacon Hill Station:  Disembark the train and take the elevator up to street level.  Turn right and walk to the corner at S. Lander St.  Turn left to cross S. Lander at the crosswalk.  Red Apple is on the corner.  See map below.

Driving Directions:  From I-5 northbound, take exit 163 (W Seattle Br / Columbian Way) and stay in far right lane for Columbian Way.  As the exit ramp merges with another road, move to the far left lane, and turn left onto Spokane St.  Drive uphill 1/4 mile, and turn left onto Beacon Avenue S.  After 1/2 mile, turn left onto McClellan.  Red Apple is on right.

From I-5 southbound, exit onto I-90, eastbound.  Take exit 3 (Rainier Ave. S.), and turn right onto Rainier.  After 3/4 mile, turn right onto McClellan.  Drive 3/4 mile on McClellan, staying with it as it jogs.  Red Apple is on right at top of hill.

Parking:  Parking at store is ok to register, then move your car.  A parking map is in the Start Box for directions to free street parking along the walk route.

Metro Bus:  Routes 36, 60, 107.

Contact:  Jane Clark  (206) 920-2544

Sponsoring Club:  Emerald City Wanderers

AVA Walk Sanction Number:  Y2415