Tukwila Station – Highline Garden

As soon as you step off the train, you’ll enjoy a wide view of the whole region from the elevated station platform.  Then descend to street level, and discover neighborhoods and parks, and take a peek at our newest King County Library.  This walk goes to the beautiful Highline Botanic Garden – free and open daily.

Distance & Trail Rating:  6K and 11K.  Rating: 2A.

Online Start Box: Registration is available on the Online Start Box.  For registration information, go to ava.org, or try this link.  Once you’ve registered online, the walk directions and map will be available for you to download.  Or you may register at the Physical Start Box, as described below:

Start Location:  Arco Station.  15252 International Blvd., Tukwila, WA  98188.  Start Box is a plastic file box – kindly ask for it at the counter.  Note, there are two different walks which start here, each with its own Start Box.  The one for this walk is a clear plastic file box, and is labeled “Tukwila Station-North” (the Start Box for the other walk is black and labeled “McMicken”).

Start Location Hours:  Open 24 hours, daily.  Walk hours dawn to dusk only.

Amenities:  Restrooms: yes  |  Pets: no  |  Strollers: medium  |  Wheelchairs: no

Comments:   Pets are not allowed on Light Rail, but ok on walk route if arriving otherwise.  Leash and clean-up laws apply.  See comment below about parking.

AVA Special Programs:  Little Free Libraries.  Mayflower – 400th Anniversary.  Rockin’ Around the Clock.  Walking with America’s Veterans.

ESVA Special Programs:  Frontline Heroes (all routes – Medical, Sustenance, Essential Services)

Walk to Start from Tukwila Station:  Disembark the train and take the escalators to street level.  Turn left and cross the parking lot at the dedicated sidewalk.  Go up the steps and turn left on Southcenter Blvd.   At the light, turn right and cross Southcenter Blvd.    Arco is on the corner.  See map below.

Driving Directions:  From I-5 northbound, take exit 154A (SR-518 West / SeaTac Airport).  Stay in left exit lane, following signs for SeaTac Airport, and crossing over I-5.  Move to right lane for the “Airport” exit near the top of the hill.  This becomes a 3-lane exit.  Stay in middle lane that veers right to S. 154th St.  Turn right onto 154th, then move to the middle-left lane to make a wide-left turn onto International Blvd.   Arco is on the corner.

From I-5 southbound, take exit 154B (Southcenter).  Stay in far right exit lane and turn right onto Southcenter Blvd.  Drive uphill one mile.  Arco is on the right.

Parking:  Parking at store is ok to register, then move your car.  A parking map is in the Start Box for directions to free street parking along the walk route.  Parking at the Tukwila Light Rail Station lot is for Light Rail riders only.

Metro Bus:  Rapid A, Rapid F, 124, 128.

Contact:  Nancy Wittenberg  (253) 208-1331

Sponsoring Club:  Daffodil Valley Volkssport Association

AVA Walk Sanction Number:  Y2416